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At this moment, you are all alone and you have exhausted all the calls you possibly made, met all the close friends you have already met, and read every possible book you could ever read You wish that you can standby your decisions and be responsible for the good or bad consequences ahead. But the only problem is, how do you get there? What is this missing bridge? We may not have all the answers that you need. But what we can do, is to use a systematic approach to work with you to arrive a more informed decision.

Personalization For You

We want to listen to your experience and aspirations in order to point you in the right direction.

Instruments We Use

We use several profiling instruments based on evidence-based research to uncover red flags and inner potentials within you


Base on your profile, values and motivated skills, we are able to work with you on the various possible outcomes for your choice

Get Understanding With Our Comprehensive Analysis

We use various instruments which are internationally research validated through evidence-based and tested by to work with individuals who wants to know themselves better.​

Personaility styles are important, because it helps you to understanding yourself so that you can be a

  • Better Commnunicator
It can be daunting to live or work with people you do not understand. Actions and words can be easily misinterpreted and cause unwanted misunderstandings. Understanding your personality style helps you to be a better communicator.

  • Resolve or Prevent Potential Conflicts

Understanding the reasons why someone said or did something, you will be less likely to react negatively. By understanding the other parties’ underlying motivationbs allows you to react in a diffrent and positive way. 

  • Gain Credibility & Positively Influencing Others

By knowing how to blend and adapt with other indviduals, you will gain credibility and influence immediately

D.I.S.C Behavorial Analysis is one of the many tool we used as a starting point. Thereafter, tools such as “Who Am I” exercise are conducted to help understand themselves better so that viable actions can be taken  to improve on their weaknesses.  This have helped many indiviudals regardless of age, gender or seniority (in their careers) to uncover deep seated frustrations, values they believe in, and the motivations that spurs them. It also helped them discover possibilites and the limitless potential within them to excel. 

Our thumbprints are unique and different. So is our journey and experiences. Your personaility, environment and circumstances have shaped you to the unique you. Not only you can learn to appreciate yourself, and the ability to appreciate the differences in others, you can also chart your way from the smallest decision such as a reaction, to a the major decisions in life, based on your unique personality styles. 

What Our Clients Have to Say

I really like your help, service and recommendation. I am very impressed with you as to someone you have not met before, your research and wanting to find out who is your client, Michael Lee. You had got through and collated information’s in my LinkedIn. What impressed me was your written Career Pathway Proposal for me. In your proposal, your ability to do the following: - 1) Analysis my ability and limitation. 2) Highlight and remind me of my background and experience. 3) You have also provided recommendation and direction for me to work on. 4) Area to improve in my LinkedIn. 5) Website recommendation of employment. 6) My skills upgrading and course / training to look into. With the above guidance from you, I have better understanding of what I am looking for and what I suppose to focus. I appreciate you help and had spent time on my Career Proposal Pathway. Thank you.

Michael Lee Career Coach, ACC